projet eau potable
Our activities


Draft Drinking Water in Igroufla Village Agounssane: Water the project sponsored by the TPRF Association (USA)

Schooling of rural girls. Sponsored by State Social Assistance "Entraide Nationale"

Environmental Protection Partnership with associations of villages in the Ourika valley
Training of village associations ***Partnership with*** *******IFAD Maroc********

library project: Abdbo




Water the project Igroufla

* Address:
The headquarters are located in the Girls Boarding School “DAR TALIBA” (house of the student).
BP:16 CP:42350 OURIKA. 
* Phone and Fax:

+212 (0)5 24 48 26 90             

*  Web Site:

http://www.abdbo. com        




* Bank Account:

007 450 0000 00 488 5 000221 36
Attijariwafabank, 213 Bd Mohammed V Gueliz, Marrakech Morocoo


Main Key Activities:
Our main goal is to improve living conditions of rural population by helping to  in facilitating the education of the girls’ population
Social activities: education, trainings for local people (Computer andtechnology..), water supply, providing help to the poor families.
Environment: education for forest protection, saving and preserving water, 
Training for mountain guides

Name of the Association:
Association de Bienfaisance et de Développement du Bassin de l’Ourika” A.B.D.B.O
Which means: Charity and Development Association of the OURIKA Valley.

* Date of creation: March 1996



State Social Assistance (Entraide Nationale)

The three Neighborhood villages Councils

Provincial Council 

Regional Council   

ADS : Social Development agency  (Agence de Développement Social)