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Of the A.B.D.B.O 2008

At 10 AM, the tenth of June 2009 in accordance with the article 18 of the status of our Association we will present the Financial report of the year 2008, in details: in one hand the amount of the incomes and in another hand the amount of the expenses as well as the amount still in the bank account of the association in the 31st December 2008.

* The actual Amount in the Bank Account of the Association is (581 047.65 + 501 909.85)-396 433.13= 686 524.37 MDH for Repport

* Address:
The headquarters are located in the Girls Boarding School “DAR TALIBA” (house of the student).
BP:16 CP:42350 OURIKA.         
* Phone and Fax: +212 (0)5 24 48 26 90 

*  Web Site: http://www.abdbo.com        email: a.atif@menara.ma  

* Bank Account: 007 450 0000 00 488 5 000221 36
Attijariwafabank, 213 Bd Mohammed V Gueliz, Marrakech Morocoo