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   General Assembly Report
17th May 2008

In accordance with the status of our Association and specially for the renewal of the board members  and in respect of the legal deadline, a General Assembly was held on Saturday the 17th  May 2008 in “the House of the student” in OURIKA,
With the presence of:
The Representative of the Authority ,and the following Members of the Association: Mohamed AKENSOUS, Boujemaa al Hachadi, abdellah Ait Taleb ,Hassan Ourdagh, Abdelali Atif, Abdelah Benjida, Mohamed Ahlal , Ahmed Ait Zaouite,  Al Houcine Raqabi, Lahcen Belatar,  Hassan Ait Lhaj,  And Others.
Word of the President and the Greeting
Agenda of the meeting :
1° Moral Report
2° Financial Report
3° Board Members election
4° Modification of some aspects of the status

1° Moral Report
Word of the President:
The Last Meeting was held at the 26th January 2008.
Encouraging all the members to  keep working in transparency and inclusion of the partners particularly in the field of the social work and development.
Talking about the circumcision action of 450 boys of the region, he gave thanks to all the participants in that social action: the governor of the region AL HAOUZ with the authority staff ,  Others personalities   and donators, the medical staff , and the population, all of them granted the success of this action.
Word of Mister Al Houcine Raqabi talking about all other social actions undertaken between 26th January 2008 and 17th May 2008.

2° Financial Report  
Word of Mohamed Ahlal vice treasurer speaking about all the financial aspect between 1st January 2008 and 30th April 2008. The actual Amount of the current account is of 603 154.06 MDH.


* Address:
The headquarters are located in the Girls Boarding School “DAR TALIBA” (house of the student).
BP:16 CP:42350 OURIKA.         
* Phone and Fax: +212 (0)5 24 48 26 90 

*  Web Site: http://www.abdbo.com        email: a.atif@menara.ma  

* Bank Account: 007 450 0000 00 488 5 000221 36
Attijariwafabank, 213 Bd Mohammed V Gueliz, Marrakech Morocoo