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 Achievements and activities during the 10 last years       

: * 1997/98:  - Building of the Boarding school for rural girls “DAR TALIBA” on a land of about 3 hectares.
Since then, the Management of the Boarding School (Food and accommodation,   maintenance etc…), is supported by the A.B.D.B.O Association  
* 1998/99:    - Building of latrines in 4 primary schools in OURIKA Valley.
- Circumcision of 417 boys from poor families in 3 villages (OURIKA, SETTI FADMA, OUKAIMDEN)                                                                          
- One year training for 7 future trainers in the field of development
-  Building of 10 shops which rents will be added to the fund sources of the

* 1998/2000:  Water supply for 8 villages at OURIKA valley.
* 1999/2000:  Distribution of 10 000 meals (RAMADAN month) for poor families.
* 1977/2000:  Distribution of schoolbags to children of the primary school for villages’ children.
* 2000/2001:- Distribution of wheelchairs for handicapped of the region.
- Medicals checks and Distribution of eyeglasses.
- Extension of the building of “DAR TALIBA” (Second building).
* 2003/2004:- Construction of the 3rd building of “DAR TALIBA” with the help of ADS (Social
Development Agency Morocco).
- Creation of a garden in “DAR TALIBA” land with the help of the BBC World chanel.
* 2004/2005: Realization, in “DAR TALIBA” area of a camping for tourism.
* 2005/2006: Training of other local associations in the field of mountain tourism
* 2006/2007: Training of other local associations about women and children rights (with the help
of ADS).
* 2007/2008: - 2nd Circumcision action for 503 boys from poor families of the region.
- Restoration of the road leading to the headquarters of the Association (400m).
- Building of a mosque in “DAR TALIBA” area.       


* Address:
The headquarters are located in the Girls Boarding School “DAR TALIBA” (house of the student).
BP:16 CP:42350 OURIKA.         
* Phone and Fax: +212 (0)5 24 48 26 90 

*  Web Site: http://www.abdbo.com        email: a.atif@menara.ma  

* Bank Account: 007 450 0000 00 488 5 000221 36
Attijariwafabank, 213 Bd Mohammed V Gueliz, Marrakech Morocoo